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Teaching Old Crushers New Tricks
How to get more production from Symons™ Crushers

Symons™ cone crushers have been the workhorses in the mining and aggregate industries for the last 90 years. They are amazing crushers with proven reliability and durability in the toughest crushing applications. Innotech Solutions, with its world class crusher expertise, has been able to "Turbocharge" these crushers to substantially increase their performance. In addition, Innotech has developed several add on systems for these crushers that improve their operational safety and ease of automation. Thus for a fraction of the cost of a new expensive replacement crusher, a very good crusher now becomes the best crusher.

Turbocharging is accomplished with a simple add on kit that allows the crusher to absorb higher horsepower and uses this additional power to crush more rock and or lower the P80 of the discharge. Based on our field experience, the crusher production increases as much as 20%. The ROI on this investment is typically less than six months.

One of the most significant add-ons is the Rotating Feed Distributor for the tertiary crushers. This device homogenizes the feed by distributing it 360° around the cavity eliminating segregation. This causes even crushing around the cavity, eliminates crusher abuse, increases liner life up to 20%, reduces power draw and allows operator to run crusher at tighter settings to make finer feed for the mills. ROI is less than 3 months in most cases.

The Tramp Release System add-on will help owners meet OSHA/MSHA safety requirements and significantly increase the run time of the crushers' thereby increasing daily production. The system can be added in the field without removing any major components.

With availability of capital ever so limited, you will be able to increase the production with minimal investment and add significant profits to your bottom line by adding the above enhancements to your Symons™ crushers.

Symons™ is a registered trademark of Metso Minerals Corp.

Top Ten Mistakes to avoid With Cone Crushers

Cone crushers are the heart and soul of many crushing plants. They size the rocks. More sellable rocks they produce the more profits you make. They can also minimize the waste.

Then why are most operators and plants wasting this valuable and expensive resource? Simply because they don't understand how to buy and use them effectively. Here are ten mistakes you can avoid when selecting and operating the cone crushers.

  1. Do not buy based on hype or price. Instead buy based on your needs and wants. Look at the whole picture first. Get advice and information from independent sources and even from other customers and competitors before making your selection.
  2. Do not assume that your choice is limited to cones. There are plenty of alternatives to achieve your goals.
  3. Do not always opt for new. There are plenty of good used cones that will satisfy your requirements.
  4. Do not buy the most deluxe features. Weigh the benefits against the cost of the features.
  5. Do not assume that the suppliers are telling you the truth. Do your do diligence. Ask for references.
  6. Do not assume that new, advanced, etc. means reliable. Check the track record and ask to review the list of field problems especially on newly introduced models.
  7. Do not use the catalog as the gospel. Read the fine print. Your production will depend on many variables. Get a written guarantee of production whenever possible.
  8. Do not skimp on screening equipment. Most cone crushers' performance is limited by the capacity of the screens. This is true when inserting the new high performance cones in existing circuits. Also make sure you optimize current screens' performance.
  9. Do not just select standard cone variables like liners and setting. Ask if the cone's throw and speed can be varied to optimize the yield.
  10. Do not select the liners in a hurry. Get expert advice to match the liners perfectly with the feed, product and tonnage requirements over the life of the liners. Some liners last for years and an unmatched set will be a nagging problem.

Preventive Maintenance Is it worth doing?

With our desire for instant rewards and gratification, most of us hate spending time and money on activities, such as Preventive Maintenance (PM), whose payoff is in the future. And then there are fires or unexpected problems, which require immediate attention and effort. It seems we are always under a time crunch. So, now the question, “ Is an ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure?”

The answer is an emphatic yes, based on history and experience. For an example, I have implemented a PM plan at my house for the last two years with remarkable results. I had no unscheduled breakdowns, the cost was next to nothing and it took me only a few minits every month to complete the necessary tasks.

Considering the large capital invested in procuring, owning and operating the aggregate and the mining quipment, it seems strange that very little attention is paid to PM programs. Based on simple arithmetic, the largest ROI is produced by an effective PM program compared to all other investments. Most of the suppliers are willing to train the customers in such programs at a minimal cost. What we need is a management leadership that makes PM one of the top strategic actions for the company. A champion should be selected to implement, operate and run the program. I promise that the results will simply be phenomenal.

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